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Redesigning Outpatient Recovery

One size does not fit all. Finding and practicing a unique and individualized recovery path can mean the difference between a temporary fix and truly changing.

What if drugs or alcohol aren’t the problem, but a symptom of underlying causes?

slide10Oftentimes in recovery circles, families think that drugs or alcohol are just SYMPTOMS of a problem. Unfortunately, however, rarely do you hear what exactly is the problem. So many people have this vague understanding that perhaps the drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors aren’t really the problem, but they are usually left somewhat hanging. And, as a result, they end up trying to fix the symptoms (drugs, alcohol, et al) rather than focus on the problems themselves.

But what if there was an underlying problem? And what if this problem not only created symptoms of drugs, alcohol, and other things but also other common symptoms that exist in most everyone who walks the path of addiction?

Sooner or later, someone struggling with addiction often decides to quit.

Well, quit what? Drugs, pills, huffing, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, gambling, pornography, sitting around the house, not looking for work, watching TV, video games, etc. The list goes on and on. Whenever someone contacts Heartland Recovery Center for help, the first thing they do is try to describe the problem.

“My son is addicted to heroin.”

“My wife can’t quit shopping.”

“My friend is an alcoholic.”

Within moments they have described the problem in the best way that they know how, with the behavior or substance that their loved one is abusing.

But what if that isn’t the real problem at all?

Who We Treat


New to Recovery

The New to Recovery individual can be broken down into three…


High Risk

The High Risk individual may be looking at or facing big life…


Chronic Relapse

Very few people know the frustration and despair of those…


Failure to Launch

The Failure to Launch person is considered to be an individual…

Emotional Model of Recovery

Although there are many different ways of looking at addiction, we have developed an emotional model of recovery. We believe that emotions and feelings are at the core of every addiction and understanding emotions allows us to see the reasons why addicts behave the way they do, even when they are sober. When we first started work in the intervention field, it became pretty obvious that everybody in the family had their own “model” of addiction and in most cases weren’t ever on the same page. Having a model that everyone agrees upon allows us to work together as a team.

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Some of Our Services


Heartland Recovery Center was started by the same individuals who founded Intervention Services, Inc., the…

Spiritual Guidance

Your spirit is found in the combination of three basic areas: desires, emotions, and attitudes. These three areas…

Individual Counseling

As part of your experience at Heartland Recovery Center, your treatment will include

PHP (Day Treatment)

PHP or Partial hospitalization is an exciting and unique treatment modality.  It is not an inpatient treatment, nor

12 Step Groups

Although addiction has been recognized as a disorder, the problems are wider in scope than just dealing with the actual…

Educational Groups

Psychoeducational groups offer you formal and structured groups to address the problems

Process Groups

We offer an intentionally challenging and individualized program that allows you

Family Dynamics

Heartland Recovery Center offers a program component called Family Dynamics…

Life Skills

Life Skills are an important aspect to treatment. We will be with you as you take steps outside

Clinical Path of Recovery

The individual‘s pathway to recovery must be their own, developed with the collaborative…

Emotional Model Recovery Path

There are many different ways of looking at addiction.  There are two main reasons…

Traditional Path of Recovery

One of the biggest traps for someone in early recovery is to want to do it alone…

Spiritual Path of Recovery

Faith is one of the cornerstones of the human existence.  When we lose ourselves…

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