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Very few people know the frustration and despair of those who can’t stay clean and sober. Often times they enter into treatment with a high degree of willingness and they may leave wondering if it worked. As the weeks go by after treatment the sparks they once had begin to fade and they don’t understand why. They may or may not be attending support groups or therapy, but no matter what they do they feel their sobriety begin to waiver. In the end, they pick up a drink or a drug and wonder, “why didn’t it work for me?”

The Chronic Relapse individual may have struggled to find their own path of recovery. This individual may or may not have tried several attempts at staying clean or sober. This person may get a few months of abstinence, but usually ends up picking up the drink or drug. They attend support groups, whether that is a 12 step program or a religious affliction and despite all the great attempts at staying sober they are unable to. Here at Heartland Recovery we want to help this individual not only get abstinence, but a true personal recovery path incorporating the necessary coping skills tailor to each individual.