David Lee is an interventionist who is based out of Lowell, Indiana. David’s own struggle with addiction has led to a passion in helping those who are the most difficult of cases.  Only after 15 years of struggling with addictions and over 25 rehabs, outpatients, halfway houses, and detox was David able to maintain continuous sobriety. Over 13 years ago, David formed Intervention Services, Inc. which is currently the largest substance abuse and mental health intervention provider in North America.

David developed the Emotional Model of Interventions which explains the complex dynamics within family systems when someone engages in avoidance coping, substance abuse, or other dysfunctions. He created this successful intervention model by focusing on treatment resistant, recovery resistant, and failure to launch clients. David has delivered workshops and presentations at the major intervention conferences and spoken as a keynote speaker at the San Diego conference on the topic of PTSD and family systems.

His workshop What Can I Say to Convince them to Quit? has been adopted as a part of the family program at The Retreat in Minnesota and has been doing the workshop for Rosecrance Health Network for over 4 years.  For the last 2 years, David has been facilitating the Elephant Group (which is a support group for parents of addicts and alcoholics) focusing on healthy boundaries, tough love, and support. After building Intervention Services Inc. as well as helping families get their loved ones into treatment, David wanted to provide a recovery experience in Northwest Indiana that helps those to find their own unique path of recovery so they don’t have to struggle with sobriety as he did.