Diana Greenberg


Diana, Heartland Recovery Center’s Addiction Tech, was raised in the Will County where graduated from Romeoville High School. During and after her high school career, Diana experimented with many drugs. Through those years, Diana lost her brother to addiction and she experienced first-hand how the disease can tear a family apart. After losing more loved ones to addiction, she decided she wanted to help people beat their struggles with substance abuse.

After the loss of her brother and loved ones, Diana started to move towards her goal of becoming a substance abuse counselor and became ACIT (Addiction Counselor in Training) certified. To continue her growth in the field of addiction, Diana started working for David and Kevin Lee at Intervention Services Inc. Her passion for helping people grew and she gained.

Within the first few months Heartland Recovery Center’s opening, Diana was asked to temporarily work at Heartland. That’s when Diana knew she wanted to be a permanent staff member at Heartland. She fell in love with the staff and their positive, uplifting attitude towards the clients as well as each other. When she finally made the switch, Diana got to see clients from when they first walked in the door to the time of their completion and how much of a positive impact Heartland had on them. She then knew that Heartland Recovery Center would be her new home.

In her Supportive Services role, Diana helps in many different areas. She helps makes sure the clients’ needs are met as well as stepping in to any counseling roll that she is needed. Diana loves being at Heartland and seeing the positive change in the clients. She also loves to see the genuine care that the clients receive from every staff member. She wakes up every day with a smile on her face because she knows that when she goes into work, she will help people change their lives around.