Dr. Hubert has extensive experience helping people more effectively cope with major life adjustments due to stress, loss, transition, medical diagnoses, or trauma. Helping clients use their strengths and develop new ones to create acceptance, health, and resilience is her focus. Dr. Hubert is board certified in psychopharmacology, which allows her to advise a client about maintaining or restoring wellness with medications.

Dr. Hubert’s board certification in psychopharmacology, allows her to have relationships with most of the area physicians and hospital programs. She frequently recommends, monitors, and reviews medications that are prescribed by primary care doctors. She tries to work in conjunction with other providers to make sure they all coordinate their care and offer the best practice.

Mindfulness, or being here now is a cornerstone of her work. Understanding and accepting the reality of what is helps build the foundation for what you choose next. Dr. Hubert feels privileged to participate in that process.

As the Medical Director at Heartland Recovery Center, Dr. Hubert deeply appreciates the model of care that focuses on joint decision making between clients and staff. She finds the choices of treatment pathways to be respectful and effective, along with the emphasis on the continuum of care. She is proud to be part of turning a vision of a new kind of recovery program into reality.