Emily Kirk-Back, Program Director at Heartland Recovery, did not always know that working in the field of addictions was going to be her passion. Growing up she was drawn to law enforcement and she wanted to work for the FBI. That dream slowly went away as she found herself cycled in one bad decision and one bad habit after another. It wasn’t until about 11 years ago, when she changed and that same passion came back.

Emily graduated from Purdue University with a Degree of Bachelors of Arts and is currently in her Graduate program working towards a Masters in Clinical Counseling. She holds a CADAC II (Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor) with the state of Indiana and is a member of ICAADA, NADAC, and various counsels throughout the state.

She has been employed in the addictions field for the last 10 years. Whether it was volunteering at a local halfway house, working in an outpatient center, or in the judicial setting she has always managed to find her way. Starting as a counselor she began to see the struggles and barriers that there were in treatment and has since worked towards breaking down those struggles and barriers.

She quickly became the State Director of Addictions and Recovery for the Department of Corrections managing 19 treatment facilities in the state-run prisons. While this was a tremendous honor and job in itself she always knew she was missing something. During the years, she had attended a training on the Johnson Model of Interventions, became certified and began slowly doing interventions for the nation’s largest Intervention Company, Intervention Services Inc. Being in the front line and watching the families grow and come together working towards a new way to live became her passion.

After some personal milestones, such as getting married and having her first child, she was given the amazing opportunity to come back to her home town and help develop and build the program she has always dreamed of. Really using the knowledge whether it’s been professional or personal and applying them to build this amazing center has been nothing but a true gift.