Jeanine Harley-Lee is an educator at heart. She began her educational journey at the University of Illinois in Chicago where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She continued her education at DePaul University receiving a Master of Education and moved forward with her postgraduate work earning an additional Master of Instructional Leadership.

Prior to her position at Heartland Recovery Center, Jeanine was a teacher with Chicago Public Schools and taught at the middle school and high school level for more than ten years. Jeanine relocated to Northwest Indiana where Jeanine continued to teach and taught special education for two years. Additionally, Jeanine has been involved with after-school literacy based programs, Saturday Enrichment Programs, initiated and directed an inner-city school-based sports program, and has volunteered with Easter Seals Special Needs Programs. Jeanine has always been committed to helping others bring about positive change, work towards individual and collective goals, and assisting families to improve their overall family systems.

As a Counselor, Jeanine provides the support, education, and advises clients to assist them with their everyday lives while they are in treatment. Jeanine is inviting and has an open-door policy. This open-door policy creates a solid ground work for trust while working with clients on building the additional structures needed to recover.  Jeanine ensures that client’s overall needs are being met with respect, care, and compassion. She believes that all clients have an important voice in their treatment and helps them to take ownership of their unique recovery.

Jeanine is excited to be a part of the Heartland Recovery Team and to work with clients while they work towards their recovery. Her personal experiences with substance abuse and recovery have made her extremely passionate about helping others to recover. Jeanine is a member in good standing of ICAADA, Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. She also holds her ACIT, Addictions Coordinator in Training, certification and is working towards her CADAC credentialing