Kevin grew up in a typical Northwest Indiana town in what he thought was a typical American life. Everything seemed “normal” to him. While Kevin breezed through high school and life, his brother, started struggling. Kevin did not realize that his brother had progressed from light partying into a major cocaine addiction. By the time Kevin was a senior in high school, David had already entered his first drug treatment center. Kevin began to see firsthand how addiction was not only taking hold of his brother, but how it began to tear his family apart. He saw his mother grow with anxiety, his father grow distant and angry, and his step father failing to help David repeatedly, only to fail.

Kevin needed answers to questions that eluded him: Why did he and his brother grow up to be opposites when they were raised the same, had the same ethics and integrity, and had the same supportive parents? Why did his mother enable his brother time and time again, failure after failure? Was there something he could have done differently to save his brother? Was there something his parents could have done differently? Was his brother destined for this path or could the family hold the keys to his future? There were hundreds of these questions and zero answers. Which is why he turned to Psychology.

While Kevin finished college with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, David was yet again finishing another drug treatment program. At this point, David had failed at over twenty different drug treatment programs. Before his soon-to-be last treatment program, his family made a shift in habits. They finally listen to professional advice and decided that they needed to change their enabling behaviors and set healthy boundaries for themselves. David no longer had his safety net. This decision eventually allowed Kevin and David to rebuild their trust in each other and start their journey towards creating their nationwide intervention company, Intervention Services Inc.

After years of flying around the country trying to help families, they decided it was time to try and help their community and open an outpatient treatment center. In creating Heartland Recovery Center, they wanted to successfully combine their philosophies from Intervention Services Inc. while breaking away from the “standard” treatment center approach – which they did.