The child of an alcoholic, Lynda learned and experienced survival techniques and strategies to face life. She understands the pain and devastation of the family system as impacted by addiction.  Her motivation and work began at an early age when she recognized that the family norms she experienced were neither healthy, adaptive, or meeting her needs.

Her pursuit in life has been to provide experiences to heal and to guide others into a path of living, not surviving. Her journey continues, speaking loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves and who falter in life from the trauma brought on by the addiction process and beliefs of futility. Lynda embraces the belief in living for a purpose with whole heartedness, dignity and care of self, as well as moving toward family healing. The pain and hurt we have experienced from the past, is recognized as a part of reality, but not a part of reality that will define us.

Her personal mission statement includes that of “whatever it takes.” She firmly believes in the power of personal spirituality, hope, and faith. She does not believe that history marks the individual nor does it negate one’s values, purpose in life, or future. One is not the mark of his addiction.  The family, while typically operating in the center of the noise and chaos of addiction, must learn the value of actualizing their own needs and purpose, moving outside of the dance of chaos and enabling the addict. Without family work, family education, and aftercare, the disabling cycle continues. She provides services for individuals and families following the formal intervention process to provide a framework for family reunification, support, and processing to address codependence and to address and heal the fragility of the family network for those dealing with addiction in their lives.

Her professional experiences include that of Health Educator, Program leader, Group Facilitator, Supervisor in a Community Mental Health agency for the SMI population, Addiction Therapy Counselor with not-for-profit agencies, private work as Program Director of a residential prison based Therapeutic Community, Contractor for Interventions Services Inc., and her current role as Clinical Director at Heartland Recovery Center.

Lynda has demonstrated competencies in program development, program implementation and accountability, and direct client service within the field of mental health counseling, substance abuse disorders and recovery, working with youth, the Seriously Mentally Ill population, geriatric mental health and aging.