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Why Outpatient Drug Treatment?

Unlike living in an inpatient treatment facility, at Heartland Recovery Center, clients can live at home and have access to their family and friends. This benefit gives our clients the support system that they need. Outpatient drug treatment often includes individual, group, and family therapy. Our clients are able to go home at the end of the day, which allows them to apply what they learn in treatment to the real world and see changes immediately. Also, our outpatient drug treatment facility is more affordable than most inpatient facilities and is covered by most major insurance plans.

The Facts

Drug addiction is a very dangerous behavior that can not only easily destroy the life of the addict but their families as well. Drug addiction is an extremely powerful progressive disease. After the drug takes its toll on the mind, the user becomes more dependent on the drug, which typically leads to harder drug use. Many people believe that drug addiction can only affect certain people, this is not true. Addiction does not target one group of people or discriminate. Drug addiction is out of the addicts control if not treated properly.

It is ideal to understand that the key to beating addiction is to reveal and overcome the underlying cause of it. Heartland Recovery Center is geared to bring out and focus on the underlying root of the individual’s drug addiction. Our team of trained professionals understand drug addiction and are here to help our clients get to an authentic path of sobriety and recovery.

About Heartland’s Outpatient Treatment

Each addiction is unique to the individual and our facility reflects that. Our philosophy is that drug addiction is not only a symptom of a greater underlying condition but with the right help something that can be overcome. Not only will we, together discover the true root of drug abuse, we will also help our clients learn how to control the vicious cycle of drug dependency. At Heartland Recovery Center, we do not use a generic form of treatment but tailor individual recovery paths that match our client’s needs. Those who attend Heartland Recovery Center choose one or more of four unique paths in order to gain a unique and individualized treatment.

The recovery paths include:

Once finished with the initial program, clients enter the after-care phase. Post-treatment, clients will have “check-in” meetings with our staff in order to provide on-going support. These meetings are very informal and are meant provide accountability and continued guidance on the path of recovery. Once progress is being made the meetings will be scheduled further apart. Our clients are encouraged to take an active role in their recovery.  If at any point in time a client feels like they need to increase connection/meetings with our aftercare staff, we welcome and encourage their insight and ownership into their recovery and will adjust as needed. Our commitment to our clients will always be as strong and sometimes stronger as their commitment is to their recovery and sobriety.  Our clients and their families are a part of the Heartland Recovery Center family and our support is always available.

Our outpatient drug treatment facility is located in Lowell, Indiana in order to give you the private care that you deserve. We have designed an outpatient rehab facility where the average person can get above average care. To take the first step in your journey to recovery, please give us a call at 1(219) 690-7025.