Who We Treat

Here at Heartland Recovery Center we offer a co-ed intensive outpatient program for individuals 18 years or older. We treat: New to Recovery, High Risk, Chronic Relapse, and Failure to Launch.

Facility Operations

Our facility operates at a maximum of 30 people. Our group sessions allow a maximum of 8 people per group, to insure every client receives the attention they need throughout their recovery process.


Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00
Client’s Schedule Monday – Friday 8:15 – 3:30

Length of Stay

The length of stay depends on the client’s needs. We recommend a 4-6 week program, but if the staff feels additional work is needed, we will extend the client’s stay based on their evaluation.


Aftercare is provided based on the client’s needs.
Heartland Recovery Center


A typical day a Heartland Recovery Center starts off with the clients checking in with the Director of Supportive services, where they have the opportunity to discuss any topic of their choice and select their lunch from a handpicked catering menu.

After check in, the clients then proceed to the group rooms where one of the four unique paths will be explored and processed for the day. That path is broken down into two sections with a break in between, which allows time from processing, discussions, and questions. After the group sessions, the clients proceed to an education session, where they will learn beneficial information to help them through life.

Following the education section, the clients enter the cafe, where their catered lunches are waiting for them. The clients will eat a nutritious lunch and will be able to relax in the zen room next to the cafe. The zen room also has fun activities like Sudoku and 3-D cube puzzles for the clients to solve.

After lunch, the clients return to the group rooms for a process group, where the group discusses where they are at within the program. From there, the clients proceed to a life skills sessions, where they learn skills that will help them throughout life, in a fun and interactive environment. Scheduled guest speakers and onsite individual therapy sessions are also included throughout the week, based on the client’s needs.

The clients end the day with a client debrief, where they end the day on a positive note, discuss personal resolutions, make group announcements, and personal tasks and challenges are set into play.