Although addiction has been recognized as a disorder, the problems are wider in scope than just dealing with the actual use and symptoms. The client’s areas of life functioning have also been affected, as have been the people in their world and how he/she views their world and others. The client’s life functioning has been affected in critical areas, including relationships, employment, family, communications, and problem-solving. Examining and working the steps will offer the client opportunities to deal with life principals such as humility, honesty, authenticity, and integrity, all life principals that have been affected by the problem.

The Traditional Path offers valuable opportunities to experience the value of group support in his/her own environment with peers who share similar experiences. This path has been helping men and women recover from addictions for well over 70 years. The component offers a guide to linking a person’s own life to the 12 Steps. Each step will serve as a piece in the journey to personal recovery.