Psychoeducational groups offer you formal and structured groups to address the problems that brought you to Heartland Recovery Center. A Psychoeducational group is focused on providing you with information about specific topics so you will have additional resources and information to help you in decisions and solution finding.

The groups will support your need to receive information and process it with support and reflection with application to your life. The journey of establishing sobriety and remission is not just about the physical aspects of the addictive process. Most clients are unaware of the neurological and psychological factors that drive the problems. The Psychoeducational groups will provide you with that knowledge. Recovery must also address emotional sobriety and changing the patterns of living, relating, retreat, denial, and avoidance, and all other areas of life functioning. You will benefit from tools that fit your needs. Everyone’s home picture and case is different. We assure you that while you are recognized as an individual with worth, you will find others in your groups who will support you, who have been down the same road, and who will offer you a new and different type of acceptance. Heartland’s Psychoeducational groups offer you a powerful process and opportunity for being the director of your own treatment. You may believe that you are unique and different, that no one else knows what life is like. You may believe that the opinion of others is a bit exaggerated and that you are not having as many difficulties as others. The bottom line is that you deserve a life of quality with purpose. You will be a member of the treatment team. The most important member.