Heartland Recovery Center’s Story

The History of Heartland Recovery Center

Even though Heartland Recovery Center is filled with an incredible staff of caring and compassionate people who are committed to helping those who struggle with addiction, our story starts off with one person– our founder, David Lee. David struggled with his addiction for almost 20 years. Within those years, he attended over 25 rehab facilities. Each one had their own way with helping their clients battle their addiction. While reminiscing, David stated, “In over 25 rehabs, it seemed like I found people who had found sobriety in each of them…for each of the people who found sobriety, they had truly found a path of recovery that they believed in – that worked for them.” What David also saw was how many treatment centers fit only one type of model, which guides each client to only one path.  Sometimes it works – most times it does not.

Over 13 years ago, David created Heartland Recovery Center’s sister company, Intervention Services Inc. During his time creating and growing Intervention Services Inc., David interacted with clients and their families and further understood how many of these clients relapsed. After years of watching this happen, David decided to create a facility that did not just offer one way to recovery, but multiple.

Does the client believe he ultimately has the choice to stay clean and sober or does he feel that he has no control and is powerless?  Does he believe that the problem is with him, or is it his environment that needs to change.  Is it an underlying issue that is causing the drug use, or is it the drugs themselves that are causing the problems?  Is the solution to be found inside oneself…or do we look outside ourselves to others, support groups, or even God?  The answers to these questions are critical to helping guide the client into finding his unique path.

David finally found a path that was unique to him and has been clean and sober since.

This is when Heartland and the Heartland experience was born. We at Heartland work hard to bring together a staff of committed people whose primary purpose is to help you to find an authentic connection to a path of recovery that is unique to you. Heartland Recovery Center experience is designed to help to look at your life in ways perhaps you never have.

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Why Wait to Get the Help You Need?

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