As part of your experience at Heartland Recovery Center, your treatment will include on-going work with an individual therapist. What is shared in that session is shared with no one else. Individual therapy offers you a special therapeutic connection, a place to talk about the difficult points that make it uncomfortable or difficult to share in a group. Individual work allows you to begin your work and journey with a therapist that can remain with you even after you complete the program. Your therapist will be a part of your continuum of care, which is so important in aftercare. You will gain insight, a sense of inner strength, and acquire self-knowledge. You will work with your therapist to define direction of your personal work and healing, obstacles in recovery, personal goals and purpose, and develop new ways of coping with uncomfortable, people, places, things, and wounds that remain deep and painful. Individual therapy will give you that individual time to work together with a clinician toward the stages and realities of life in recovery.