Heartland Recovery Center was started by the same individuals who founded Intervention Services, Inc., the largest intervention company in the nation. To initiate treatment is a courageous act. Many come to treatment through interventions, by individual or family direction/choice. An intervention is a process generally directed by a professional team, agency, or group. The intervention, much like treatment, marks the beginning of the journey. Most people think that an intervention is about “getting him to go to treatment or rehab.” In actuality, that is the result of a properly delivered intervention, but not the true goal itself. Getting someone to go to treatment isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do. Getting your loved one to stay in treatment, increasing their willingness to apply the fundamentals of recovery, having them complete treatment and then apply the principles of recovery after treatment should be the true goals and are considerably more important than just “getting them there.”

In order to achieve long term solutions there are many goals in treatment. A client is part of a family system. The system must also be treated. The goals of our interventions are shared by the dynamic work done in our formal family groups.


  1. Empower the family through education on addiction and counseling.
  2. Remove any enabling factors that are contributing or allowing the addiction to continue.
  3. Set healthy boundaries within the family so that they are no longer negatively affected by the drug or alcohol use of the alcoholic or addict.
  4. Create a solid team within the family that works together instead of independently.
  5. Change the dynamics within the family to more effectively handle the addiction and increase the willingness of the alcoholic or addict.
  6. Formulate and implement a long-term recovery plan in order to increase the chances of permanent abstinence and then adhere to the plan as a family.
  7. Learn effective tools to not only get their loved one to treatment, but to help keep them there and focus on recovery after they return home.

The culmination of family advocacy and support is one of the many features which sets Heartland Recovery Center apart from all others.