Life Skills are an important aspect to treatment. We will be with you as you take steps outside of your comfort zone and address certain life skills. You are part of a system. That system may include friends, supervisors, neighbors, family members, and even the legal system. How you manage your fears and hopelessness has a great deal to do with your solutions and decisions.

Life Skills will enable you to live life on life’s terms. You will be given the tools to handle situations in a healthy, positive manner. Professional community involvement will be a component to these classes, bringing in professionals along with the counselors at Heartland, to speak with you and give you tools and information necessary to have positive social interactions, the necessary skills for healthy communication, and the skills needed to address problems and conflict.

You are already considering that what you are doing and continue to do is not really working- not when you look at those unfulfilled dreams and face daily problems. The Life Skills group will provide you with opportunities to learn more about problems/solutions, recognize and address the reality of your fears, identify blockers to recovery, and give you the skill sets to step onto your path to recovery.