We offer an intentionally challenging and individualized program that allows you opportunities to work with peers with similar issues to support one another. Your process group will have eight members or less, giving you a small group, a group that will grow together.

The group process is a powerful tool in treatment, breaking down barriers, reducing isolation, and providing that safe place to witness the levels of change in others, witness early recovery, and to create group connections. The true culture of recovery includes acceptance and that sense of belonging to a group that shares the common experiences. The process group provides you that safe place to take a look at problems in life that keep coming up. Feeling and sharing the problem out loud will offer you dramatic relief. The secrets are no longer that old sacred friend, but will be exposed in truth and safety. The group becomes the agent of movement, with membership supporting each other to say, “Today I will try.” Your group will become a looking glass to help you see this is a shared experience, that you are not alone.

Process groups focus on the experience of being in a group as a healing opportunity. You will experience hope, acceptance, commonalities, and universal bonding. You will experience what it is like to be with a supportive new family to relate to. The process groups offer you the chance to “try on” new behaviors, to explore, to vent, and to move through resentment, bitterness, and regrets. If you try and believe, the healing will begin.