Your spirit is found in the combination of three basic areas: desires, emotions, and attitudes. These three areas are at the core of your being and tells the world around you what your spiritual condition is. We want to introduce or reintroduce you to the importance of understanding the need of having a healthier spirit. On the journey of recovery that focuses on your spiritual condition, many questions may come up. We not only want to support you in your recovery, but we want to come alongside you in helping to answer those questions. We will protect your individual definition of spirituality, your view of faith, God, and religion, which are a sacred right that each person has the freedom to believe in. Between the majority of all belief systems are shared qualities: humility, patience, peace, hope, faith, self-control, trustworthiness, and so on. We will strive to help you rebuild those areas of your life that have been lost or broken.

The spiritual path of recovery is one that recognizes that your actions are a direct reflection of your spiritual condition. The spiritual path will lead you to understand how your life experiences have shaped your spirit over time. The goal of the spiritual path is for you to be aware of your spiritual condition, and to take accountability of your actions and the consequences of those actions. By improving our spiritual condition, we will naturally improve our actions, creating more positive results. Our desire is to see the cycle of addiction, old behaviors and attitudes not only be broken, but to see healing and the rebuilding of your life in a healthy, functional way. The spiritual path is more than a belief system, it is a path that is going to challenge you in realizing how you view life and the world around you and how to function in the middle of all of it with a stronger spiritual awareness.