One of our latest offerings for both mental health and addictions counseling is telehealth counseling.  What is Telehealth Counseling?  Essentially, Telehealth is a form of virtual counseling via computer and/or smartphone.  It’s a way of enabling a client to engage in a therapeutic alliance, individual session, or group session virtually.
Telehealth at Heartland Recovery initially began as a form of aftercare for clients who have completed the Heartland Recovery PHP program and were looking for a way to further continue their recovery from the comfort of their own home.  It brought a way of continuing support that increased the chances of long term success and stabilization.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a necessary practice.  And yet, although it has increased physical safety, many are struggling emotionally and mentally as a result.  Some are unable to go to work, attend school, support groups or other social functions that provided an emotional and mental outlet  Many people now find themselves figuratively and actually trapped in their homes with their families.  Families that they love…but being trapped on an island 24 hours a day/7 days a week without outside connections can create internalized depression, fear, anxiety and irritation.  From a mental health perspective we are seeing a greater number of avoidance coping strategies in order to deal with the situation:  Increased alcohol or substance use, binge watching TV, isolation, oversleeping, gambling and hyperfocus on social media as distractions.  Whereas all these done in moderation can be ok, it’s when things are off balance and we are in a place of full blown avoidance that is creating serious emotional and mental problems.

Heartland Recovery Center and Heartland Behavioral Health are now offering Telehealth or online therapy sessions in order to help those struggling during these times.

If you or a loved one is struggling during these times, call now to talk with us about online therapy.

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