Changes are happening left and right here at Heartland! In the last few weeks we have said goodbye to one of our beloved case managers, Travis. Travis will be leaving us for permanently warmer weather, and although we will miss him, we are so happy that we got to know and love the person that he is. Travis, we hope you have enough room for all of us to visit!!
Claire is stepping down from services coordinator and will be with us part-time as she continues to work on her Master’s in Social Work! Claire, we can’t wait to continue watching you grow in the field!

Come visit us at Hunt and Gather in just two weeks! There are vendors of all kinds, food, and great live music! We will have t-shirts and malas, and of course our wonderful alumni and staff.

May 13th, 2022, from 5p-10p
May 14th, 2022, from 10a-5p

Make time for your mental health

Mental Health Month was established in May of 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans’ lives, and to celebrate recovery from mental illness. Mental health is essential for a person’s overall health.
Approximately 20 percent of American adults will experience some type of psychological illness during their lifetime. Even if you’re not in the 20 percent, you may struggle with periods of stress or overwhelm that can challenge your psychological wellness. Unfortunately, mental health issues and the road to recovery from addiction are often stigmatized issues that are misunderstood.

Individuals who deal with one or the other, and sometimes both, deserve recognition and support as they learn to live their lives with these issues. This month, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the very difficult work our clients do to maintain and succeed in all facets of their lives. We see the work that it takes to live a happier and more fulfilled life, and we are always inspired by our client’s resilience!!

5 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Month

1. Start a Conversation

It can feel strange or awkward to reach out to someone who may need your assistance. But friends and family members may not feel comfortable asking for help. Therefore, one way to start a conversation is to simply ask your loved ones how they are doing.
You don’t have to make the conversation serious right away. Some ways to initiate a discussion like this include asking questions like:
• How are you?
• Are you ok?
• Do you need to talk?
• What can I do to be there for you?
• Is there anything that you need from me?

2. Prioritize your Mental Health

• Get enough sleep every night
• Eat nutrient-rich foods
• Cut down on processed foods, sugars and alcohol
• Exercise regularly
• Practice mindfulness
• Take time for yourself
• Do activities that you enjoy
• Set boundaries with others
• Take a break
• find a therapist that you work well with

3. Donate or Volunteer

Helping others can help you when you’re feeling down, too! Get your friends and family involved to get social. St. Jude’s House is a great starting point, find more information by clicking the button below!

4. Share Information

Sharing information about mental wellness is a fantastic way to spread awareness. You could hand out fliers at fundraisers or schools. Find out if local organizations need help spreading the word about what they do. Many people raise awareness about mental health issues using social media. A social media post is all it takes!

5. Let Someone Know They're NOT Alone

Sharing your story shows others that it’s possible to manage a mental health condition. It also encourages others to talk openly about their battles. The more awareness that we can raise during this month, the more we can influence our society to make mental health a priority.

We hope you have a wonderful month of May! There are plenty of great events to keep you busy, and we hope that you are making time for your mental health.
With purpose and passion,

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