Which Path to Choose?

When choosing a treatment center, it’s important to find the right one.  But how do you choose?  The founders of Heartland Recovery Center, David and Kevin Lee owned and operated the largest drug and alcohol intervention company for 15 years.  In that time, the most common questions that family members of someone struggling would ask were “Which is the best treatment center?”  After years of being asked that question, the one thing that became evident is that different programs work well for different types of people, but not all people.  Why would that be?  Why would a teenager do better in one program but not another.  The answer, quite simply, is that over the last several decades treatment programs evolved slowly into a “one size fits all” model.  Which means that essentially they had one model and offered the exact same groups, experiences, etc no matter who the client was.  A traditional 28 model of recovery is a rotating revolving set of static groups composed of group therapy, psychoeducational groups and individual therapy.  Often times an alcoholic finds themselves sitting in a group learning about Heroin and its affects on the brain, even though he or she isn’t even a drug addict.  Or a responsible person who’s decided to confront his addiction to pain pills finds himself scratching his head as he learns about “how to balance a budget” which is often a common life skills group taught in many treatment centers.

None of these types of groups are necessarily bad, it’s just that treatment, in an effort to help everyone can fall into the trap of offering different groups that don’t necessarily resonate with everyone.  Different clients have different needs.  What Heartland Recovery Center has tried to implement is “empowerment by choice”.  Whereas many treatment programs advocate one particular model, such as a 12-model, Heartland Recovery Center doesn’t push a model on anyone.  We offer, at a minimum, 4 different paths or approaches to recovery.  For some, a spiritual path is an answer.  For others, support groups is the way.  And still others, love looking at their life through an emotional lens and management of these emotions is the answer.  None are right or wrong.

What is the perfect treatment center?

The one that has the model the client believes in.

To sum up our philosophy, here is a presentation done by our founder, David Lee, on Why People Struggle with Traditional Treatment Approaches.

David Lee – Why People Struggle With Traditional Treatment Approaches from David Lee on Vimeo.